To explore the limitless possibilities for the human experience through leading edge, creative processes.  To dream, inspire and manifest new states of being in order to promote a better human existence.  


  • To stretch and evolve the conventional boundaries and concepts of classical voice

  • To uncover freedom within each moment and master the intricacies of being live on stage  

  • To promote and maintain a high level of healthy vocal production in order to be vocally limitless

  • To bring people together and unite communities through creative theatrical movement and vocal expression

  • To be guided by the wisdom of the inner creator


​While Mia has enjoyed twenty years of study and performance in classical voice and opera, there has always been an inner desire to branch out and use her voice in new and creative ways.  Her love for theatre continues to lure her toward a new aesthetic for classical voice.  

Throughout her years of training Mia has amassed a valuable wealth of knowledge and she wishes to inspire and empower others through the study of voice and theatre.