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In the middle of a performance of Ariadne auf Naxos by R. Strauss, I was singing one of my favourite phrases in the role of der Komponist.  Suddenly, on the high note, I found myself floating, out of my body, up in the rafters of the theatre overlooking the stage, orchestra pit and audience.  Time seemed to stand still and I was filled with a deep and overwhelming feeling of love.  As soon as I realized what was happening I was instantly back in my body, confused as to what was happening.  


My curiosity lies in witnessing the present moment and expressing my reality, my version of the human condition, by following impulses that arise.  I am interested in the intersection of spiritual practice and the creative process and how these can result in similar states of being.  In order to explore the continually unfolding present moment, I use experimental voice, theatre, movement, painting and sculpture in my art practice. I watch and study the mental, emotional and physical states of being as they unfold within the framework of a narrative or some set of given circumstances, or challenge.  Making a conscious point of looking inward and being witness to these ever shifting states brings my art-making into my everyday life.  Being an artist is a way of life.  

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