Performer and Transformative Voice Coach


A 5 hour foundational voice masterclass for individuals who are seeking to open up their self expression in their speaking and singing voice to use it with ease, power and authenticity.  


VoiceLab is a foundational class to support you

  if you are feeling frustrated with...


  • losing your voice or have a raspiness or soreness in your throat


  • having trouble projecting your speaking and singing voice


  • feeling small, not heard and being talked over 


  • not feeling grounded in your body and often overwhelmed when the focus of a conversation is on you


  • feeling held back and blocked in your creativity and authentic expression 


  • not honouring your hidden desire to sing out loud with joy, freedom and confidence 


If you would like…


  • Your voice to be reliable, clear, consistent while speaking and singing (so that you can handle a full day of meetings on zoom)


  • to command and project your voice with power and support 


  • to be heard and respected while sharing your feelings and opinions and feel safe taking up space


  • a greater connection and awareness in your body while staying present in conversations, relating to other people, as well as in your day to day living


  • a sense of ease in your creative process and in the authentic expression of your ideas and perspectives


  • To feel confident and carefree while singing with yourself and your friends in community


If you are a YES to any or all of this, keep reading…


Themes of the day:


Mind/Body Connection with present moment practices

  • learn how to breathe properly so that you can rely on your voice with consistency 

  • locate and practice pelvic floor activation so that you can sing and speak from a supported place

  • learn how to relax so that you can feel your voice resonating in your body 

The right vocal range for you  

  • discover the area of pitch that works best for you, so that your voice can be used with the most ease

  • Learn the secret to knowing how to check if you are within your healthy and sustainable vocal range

  • See how being in your healthy vocal range positively affects your ability to connect with others


Honouring Your Authentic Expression 

  • Learning how to connect in with yourself so that you can express yourself powerfully and honestly

  • Get good at discerning what it is you actually want to express versus what people expect from you

  • Eliminate your habit of people pleasing so that you can choose your own path of expression


Everything you need to know:

When:  June 5th, 2021

            10am-3pm PST / 1pm-6pm EST

Where:  Zoom 



$97 for the 5 hour live experiential Masterclass


  •  Do you love to sing and have a desire to strengthen your voice?  

  • Do you wish you could use your voice with more creativity, power and confidence? 

  • Do you wish you could express yourself more freely and communicate with clarity?

  • Do you feel blocked in certain areas of life and held back in pursuing your goals? 


Together, we will design a six month personalized, comprehensive 

program that will work towards reaching your specific goals.   

We will work with the fundamentals of voice. What is voice? How is it related to your identity and how you express yourself daily and creatively? What does the voice have to say when we are able to set aside our constant striving, pushing, reaching? What if we were able to be in a state of relaxed openness and readiness to allow the voice to lead us instead of us manipulating it? Let's discover and practice the powerful skill of releasing, unravelling and letting go.

To learn more about this program and see if it is a fit for you, click the button below for a free consultation.

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