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When the Ice is Gone

When the Ice is GoneSayaka Ganz and Mia Harris
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Produced and Engineered by Joh Gillespie

A vocal collaboration with sculptor, Sayaka Ganz, who uses reclaimed plastics to create large sculptures of wildlife in motion.  


Inspired by these sculptures of wildlife that are threatened by global warming, "When the Ice is Gone", is the first of a series of improvised, experimental soundscapes expressing the love and tenderness we feel for these beautiful creatures, as well as our sorrow for their plight as they struggle with the threat of imminent extinction.  


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Biography of a Voice is a contemporary vocal performance that stretches the traditional boundaries and concepts of classical voice.  


It is a story of self discovery and transformation as the character journeys inward in search of resonance and vocal wisdom.  a vocal journey that is mirrored by the human search for self acceptance.  

Vocal wisdom is discovered through sensation.  

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