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The voice is a vehicle for communication and self-expression.  This class is an exploration into your personal vocal power. 


You will be taken through the fundamentals of voice in a safe and supportive environment.  The nature of voice, how it relates to your identity, how you express yourself daily, and creatively are topics in which we will explore.  Bring to light the manner in which the voice communicates when you aren't striving, pushing, or retreating.   

Discover the practice of unraveling in order to arrive in a state of relaxed openness and readiness which allows the voice to lead us.  

Working with classical vocal techniques, you'll learn how to develop healthy vocal production, such as pelvic bowl awareness, the connection to diaphragmatic breathing, vowel sounds, articulation, and how to produce a resonant sound.  

Movement is also a substantial part of the class as we seek to release tension in our bodies in order to be a clear conduit for our sound and expression.  

Imagination is also vital in producing any sound from a beautiful tone quality to an ugly growl. You will be lead through visualization exercises and techniques that will improve your awareness and connection to your instrument, your mind, and your body. 

Listening is a key component of music-making as well as creative

expression. Exercises geared towards improving our listening skills within and outside of ourselves will also be a part of our work.  

Other areas of study will be improvisation, authenticity, communication, dramatic speaking, being ok with not knowing, chiaroscuro, humanity through voice, perception, colour, texture, timbre, and mindfulness.