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  • Do you love to sing and have a desire to strengthen your voice?  

  • Do you wish you could use your voice with more creativity, power and confidence? 

  • Do you wish you could express yourself more freely and communicate with clarity?

  • Do you feel blocked in certain areas of life and held back in pursuing your goals? 

We will work with the fundamentals of voice. What is voice? How is it related to your identity and how you express yourself daily and creatively? What does the voice have to say when we are able to set aside our constant striving, pushing, reaching? What if we were able to be in a state of relaxed openness and readiness to allow the voice to lead us instead of us manipulating it? Let's discover and practice the powerful skill of releasing, unravelling and letting go.

To learn more about this program and see if it is a fit for you,
click the button below for a free consultation.

Together, we will design a six month personalized, comprehensive 

program that will work towards reaching your specific goals.   

Mia has been a student of the voice for over 25 years and has been teaching private voice lessons for the past six years. Mia has earned a Bachelor of Music from UBC, an Artist Diploma from the Vancouver Academy of Music and an Opera Diploma from the University of Toronto. With her extensive training and experience in the world of operatic and classical voice she understands the instrument well and is passionate about sharing this knowledge of healthy vocal production. She believes in the healing power of music and creates a safe learning environment. It is important to meet the student where they are so that they feel heard and seen. Vulnerability is key in the discovery of self and one's own voice, for in exploring new ground one must proceed in spite of this sometimes overwhelming sense of vulnerability. It is important to Mia that her students understand that musicianship and vocal technique are simply tools in the larger, most important goal of self expression. Everyone has something to share and it is through this sharing that our community and world at large gains understanding and a sense of connection. Mia was first exposed to live performance when she was a young child. This early witnessing of live performance has stayed with her until now. Live music and theatre has the potential to leave impressions that are life changing.  

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